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However, people continually ask “which supplement can I take to get big quickly". In reality, there are no shortcuts. You should aim to improve your physique by eating high quality food, accompanied with training and plenty of rest. Nutritional supplements do just what they say, i.e. they supplement an already good diet. It is worth bearing in mind, though that there are a few supplements which can be useful to include alongside a good quality diet.

There are a huge array of nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids on the market, so it is no wonder that even many experienced athletes are baffled as to which are effective. You do not need supplements to build a great physique, but they can be an extremely useful and effective way of enhancing your health and performance. 

The most commonly used supplements are discussed briefly here, but it’s always useful to read more about each one and make an informed decision. 

Protein Powders 

There are a number of different types of protein powder, based on different sources of protein, the most popular being whey protein. Whey protein has a high biological value and a similar amino acid profile to that of human muscle tissue, as well as being digested, absorbed and taken up by muscles quickly.

There are different production processes for whey protein producing different quality formulas. These include whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysates. Although quality does differ, in practice as a protein source, whey concentrate can be a good alternative source for people short on time or for convenience.

Other quality protein powders are often made up of a combination of two or more sources of protein. Popular ingredients are whey, soya isolate, wheat, egg white or casein (the slowest digested protein). Casein can be useful prior to bed as it prevents muscle protein breakdown from occurring at a high rate which preserves lean tissue. Other useful protein formulas available are those based on casein alone (for night time shakes) and soya isolate or pea protein for vegan users.

Meal Replacement Powders (MRPs)

These are 'complete' nutrition formulas containing high protein, moderate carbohydrate, essential fatty acids and all essential vitamins and minerals. MRPs can be an invaluable aid as they can be used to substitute one or more of the many meals consumed in a day. MRPs fist appeared quite a few years ago and since then, many companies have improved on the original idea. Some now include other beneficial ingredients like pre- and probiotics, but many additions are simply added merely to help market a brand.

Although these formulas are called 'meal replacements' they are not a substitute for real food, and should be used sparingly for convenience.  They can be an expensive meal substitute.



Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bars are quite varied and can be classified under a number of different headings based on their make up and general nutrition they provide. They can be labelled as meal replacement, protein, energy, low carb or flapjack bars. Nutrition Bars can be useful supplements for health and sports enthusiasts, especially bodybuilders who struggle to consume enough food to meet their requirements. They are a convenient way of adding extra calories to a food and supplement plan as they are easily transported and eaten on the go. Nutrition bars should not replace any of the main meals of a diet, but are useful replacements for ‘snack’ meals, especially for people with busy lifestyles.

Pre-Workout Drinks

Energy drinks come in a vast array of different concoctions, some just sugar-based and some containing a range of stimulants like caffeine, guarana and taurine. They can be useful for very high intensity sessions or when you need a quick energy boost. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Scientific research demonstrates that creatine helps improve performance. There are different types and many different ways to take it. Creatine is naturally made in the body, however is used very quickly by cellular processes when muscles contract. Therefore, it is a good supplement to use as an ergogenic aid. Creatine has been shown to have cognitive benefits, and people following a plant based diet are often more deficient in creatine so should consider supplementation. 

 Branched chain Amino Acids

BCAA can be taken in the form of powders which are added to water pre or post workout. They are broken down in the muscle rather than the liver, and play a role in energy production during exercise. They may play a role in reducing fatigue during exercise, and can help with building new tissues (muscle). However, there is little evidence to suggest that consuming BCAA in the form of a supplement is superior to consuming adequate protein within a varied diet. 


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