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Performance Meals 14 day variety pack offers an easy and convenient way to introduce nutritionally balanced meals into your weekly diet. Whether you’re looking to increase your protein intake and build muscle, or are looking to improve your overall diet to ensure you get the nutrients you need, our healthy ready meals are suited to all lifestyles. Some of the benefits of our high protein ready meals include:

  • They can be eaten hot or cold
  • They have a long shelf life with no need for refrigeration and no added preservatives
  • All meals are high protein
  • They’re nutritionally balanced & approved by our own in-house expert nutritionists 
  • They’re great for enhancing gym performance, giving you extra energy to fuel your day and satiating hunger. 
  • They’re designed to support performance with optimal macro splits
  • They contain a similar calorie count to a protein supplement, but they contain real food and therefore essential micronutrients 

Variety Pack Options


Our variety pack meal options are completely customisable meaning that you can pick the options that appeal to you. All our meals are suitable for eating after working out, with plenty of variety available so that you can create a well balanced diet that’s nutritionally rich and high in protein. Take a look at the options available and add your favourites to the cart. Our variety pack bundle means that you’re getting two extra meals for free, so you can try something different! 


Convenient Healthy Meals


Feel more fulfilled with tasty real food that’s just as convenient as a shake. Our easy to cook ready meals can be eaten hot or cold, simply heat your meal in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and enjoy a nutritionally complete healthy meal. With no more meal prep or hours spent cooking and cleaning, Performance Meals are great for a quick lunch, healthy midweek meals or after an energetic gym workout. 

With no need for refrigeration or freezing and a long shelf life, Performance Meals can fit around your gym routine or daily lifestyle. Our specialised cooking and vacuum sealing method eliminates the need for added preservatives, keeping your food fresh and healthy with no compromise on taste. 


Delivered Straight to Your Door


Performance Meals knows how valuable your time is, that’s why our ready meals are designed to be convenient for you. Get your  meals delivered straight to your door. With no need for refrigeration you can easily store them at room temperature in your cupboard and continue your active lifestyle. Additionally, with our subscribe and save option you don’t need to worry about re-ordering your meals each week, and you’ll save 10% on your order.

If you’d like to speak to our team or need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Gently shake for 10 seconds
2. Tear a 2cm opening each side
3. Heat for 1 1/2 minutes
4. Tear off top of pack & stir
5. Heat for one minute then serve
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1. Gently shake for 10 seconds
2. Tear a 2cm opening each side
3. Heat for 1 1/2 minutes
4. Tear off top of pack & stir
5. Heat for one minute then serve